Benefits of Artichoke Tea

When you take this tea, you will be ingesting a drink that is rich in folate, vitamins A, B1, and C, and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, and dietary fiber. And here are the amazing benefits of tea made with artichoke: Artichoke herbal tea helps to protect the liver and treat […]

Accelerating Plastic Surgery Recovery

Plastic Surgeon Christopher K. Patronella, MD has known Delmie DePuma-Aparicio, owner of local True Recovery Lymphatic Massage, since 2008. Dr. Patronella says, “Delmie worked in my office for five years as a lymphatic massage therapist, accelerating the recovery of my patients after surgery.” How does lymphatic massage work? It opens up the lymph system that may […]

Reduce Postpartum Recovery Time by Half

Deanna McDonald, MD of local Sugar Land OB/GYN Associates has practiced obstetrics and gynecology for 25 years. Delmie DePuma-Aparicio, owner of local True Recovery Lymphatic Massage, is one of Dr. McDonald’s patients. “I’ve known Delmie for more than 20 years,” says Dr. McDonald. “Her three daughters are my patients as well, and I delivered their babies. […]

Improving Wellness and Longevity

Delmie DePuma-Aparicio, the owner of local True Recovery Lymphatic Massage, has been studying and doing lymphatic drainage therapy for over 20 years. She says, “Research has shown that the lymphatic system is the key factor in longevity, disease prevention, and living a healthy and vital life. Yet, neither the research community nor the medical community […]

Elevating Plastic Surgery Results from Good to Great

“After finishing my plastic surgery residency at Baylor College of Medicine, I was very confident in my surgery technique,” explains local plastic surgeon, Erica Bartlett MD. “However, I discovered there was little to no information on how to manage a patient’s recovery post-procedure. A colleague recommended I talk to Delmie DePuma-Aparicio. Delmie opened my eyes […]

Say Goodbye To Postpartum Pooch

Say Goodbye to the “Postpartum Pooch” without Surgery Diastasis recti is a common condition in pregnant and postpartum women. It occurs when the rectus abdominis muscles (the six-pack ab muscles) separate during pregnancy from being stretched. It’s usually most noticeable right after delivery. The separation can make a person’s belly stick out or bulge months or […]

Back To Normal

Eight Weeks Postnatal and Her Body’s Completely Back to Normal After Kari Vest gave birth via C-section to her third child, she experienced lots of swelling. Kari says, “It was very difficult to walk through the pain and discomfort. I was nervous to leave the hospital. I was also discouraged. I had gained weight…and I had […]

My Healing Hands

“I find anatomy–the way God created our bodies, and how we are affected by food and exercise–fascinating,” says Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy (LDT) certified therapist, Delmie DePuma-Aparicio. “I always wanted to not just be a licensed massage therapist, but a medical massage practitioner that helps people heal. Years ago, as my stay-at-home-mom job was ending, […]